Wednesday, December 12, 2012

CALLBACKS: Into the Woods JR


We had such a wonderful turn out! Thank you to all who auditioned. Please know this is our Teen Show so I will not be calling back very many younger children even though you were wonderful. Also, this is a relatively small show with VERY specific needs for each part. If you were not called back, please keep trying. Casting is not about who performed better or worse, it is about the part that is right for you, if it wasn't right this time, it might be next time. We have Acting classes coming up in January which are a great way to hone those acting skills and to be in a small performance without nerve racking auditions:) Go to for upcoming events in Children's Theater.

Kim Hirt
AACT Children's Theater Director


PLEASE be on time. Also, if you are new to Theater, make sure you are prepared to do a lot of "hurry-up and wait!" We are as efficient as possible, but we want to make sure we see everything we need to from each actor and can't always predict how long it will take. Please be generous with each other and no matter what happens in the end, this can be a positive learning experience for everyone.

Remember you can go to to prepare for tomorrow.

Many people are listed on more than one character. PLEASE READ ALL CHARACTER lists carefully. Also this is just tentative, I may have you read for something else, please be flexible.

4:00 Little Red, Narrators, Baker, Baker’s Wife
4:30 Princes, Mysterious Man, Cinderella, Steward, Cinderella’s Father
5:00 Witch, Jack
5:40 Jack’s Mom, Granny, Rapunzel
6:15 Stepmother, Stepsisters, Cinderella’s Mom

Little Red
Isabel Brown, Brittany Price, Addison Peacock, Anna Parish , Alex Hubbard, Kitty Key, Jessica Connelly, Brice Hodges, Emily McCormack, Sarah Kirk

Baker’s Wife
 Katie Kirk,  Savanah Stewart, Maren Hansen, Catherine Patton, Cameron Carmello

Jeremy Chandler, Hudson Hubbard, Ian Downes, Jesse Dennis, Liam Farmer-Alroth

Cinderella’s Prince/Wolf, Rapunzel’s Prince
Jeremey Chandler, Hudson Hubbard, Jesse, Ian Downes, Liam Farmer-Alroth

Savanah Stewart, Madison Jennings, Emily Hansen, Cameron Carmello, Lizzy Hemberg

Katie Kirk, Alex Hubbard, Savanah Stewart, Catherine Patton, Meredith Walsh

Madison Jennings, Kitty Key, Cameron Carmello, Lizzy Hemberg

Walker Shumock-Bailey, Deano Martichuski, Scott Simpson, John Givens

Jack’s Mom
Lily Gregson, Emily Hansen, Tatianna Eaves, Emily McCormack, Meredith Walsh, Maren Hansen, Melissa Stark

Walker Shumock- Bailey, Deano Martichuski, Dirk Perkins, John Gives,  Lucy Hudson
Sadie Lynn Sawyer, Hallie Stewart

Mysterious Man
Ian Downes, Liam Farmer-Alroth, Ian Edwards, Jesse Dennis

Cinderella’s Mom
Emily Hansen, Tatianna Eaves, Emily McCormack, Anna Kirk, Bailey Gosser, Meredith Walsh, Haley Dorn

Steward/ Cinderella’s Dad
Walker Shumock-Bailey, Liam Farmer-Alroth, Ian Edwards, Dirk Perkins, Jesse Dennis

Meredith Walsh, Emily Hansen, Teressa Morbidelli, Tatianna Eaves, Katie Kirk

Lily Gregson, , Savanah Stewart, Bailey Gosser, Alex Hubbard, Jessica Connelly, Jordan Marquez, Brice Hodges, Emily McCormack, Addison Peacock, Brittany Price, Sydney McDonald

Kiara McDonald, Teressa Morbidelli, Brittany Price, Jordan Marquez, Tatianna Eaves,
Meredith Walsh, Emily McCormack

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