Saturday, December 15, 2012

CAST LIST: Into the Woods Jr.

First of all I am overwhelmed by how wonderful you all were. Besides your talent I was so impressed with your generosity of spirit. I have never been to an audition where I saw so much sincere support for one another and joy in each other's successes. That makes this even harder. I want each of you to know that I try to be as completely fair and objective as possible. I cast who I think is sincerely best for the role, I do not play favorites. Please know that if you didn't make it, it does not mean you did not do well, I could have cast 3 shows with the amount of talent I had to pool from.  It just means that this role might not have been the right fit for you at this time. Please get all the education and experience you can for next time! We have Acting Classes starting in January and  Musical Theater Camp in the Summer. Also, keep in mind this is the Teen Show and there were very few younger people cast. Thank you so much for making this such a positive experience for everyone involved.


Kim Hirt
AACT Children's Theater Director


- Read-through Rehearsal/ Parent Meeting MONDAY Dec. 17
---- Read Through  4:00-6:00
---- Parent Meeting 5:30-6:00 (Parents meet while students get measured)

At the Jan Dempsey Arts Center

PLEASE LET ME KNOW YOU SAW THIS and will be at the Read-through Monday! or text me at 801-851-0258

Little Red
Kitty Key

Baker’s Wife
Catherine Patton

Jeremy Chandler

Cinderella’s Prince/Wolf
Ben Strickland

Rapunzel’s Prince
Hudson Hubbard

Lizzy Hemberg

Madison Jennings

Alex Hubbard

Deano Martichuski

Jack’s Mom
Katie Kirk

Mysterious Man
Ian Downes

Cinderella’s Mom
Cameron Carmello

Liam Farmer-Alroth

Cinderella’s Dad
Jesse Dennis

Tatianna Eaves

Savanah Stewart, Addison Peacock

Meredith Walsh  

Jessica Connelly

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