Saturday, August 15, 2015

Cast List for Dick Whittington and His Amazing Cat

I want to thank all of you that auditioned for this show! It takes A LOT of courage to even try. I was so very impressed with each and every one of you!! I encourage you all to keep doing theater! I knew this would be a smaller cast than last year, so I arranged to have the regular theater classes run, even when there is a play in production. If you did not get cast, please consider enrolling, so that you can have a theater experience, and strengthen the skills you already have. Please know how much I respect and love you all!!!

The first rehearsal is Monday, August 17th fro 4:00-6:00 at the Jan Dempsey Art Center. All of the cast needs to be there. In addition, there is a parent meeting that day at 5:15.
Please contact me at or 334-332-6834 if you have any questions. Melanie Brown

Dick Whittington and His Amazing Cat
Cast List

Dick Whittington – Jackson Williams
Pussycat  -Sophia DiJulio
Cook – Abby Bowling
Mr. Fitzwarren – Ellis Royal
Ann – Hannah Herring
Captain Howsley – Josh Bramblett
Gransville – Nathan Evans
Nancy – Emma Myers
Jane – Berkley Peacock
Hob –Adelaide Saywer
Pluckenhenn – Rhema Creel
Longshanks – Jackson Wells
A Sailor – Matthew Pattowski
Chancellor – Daniel Czerkawski
Caliph –Brodie Winegarden

Mice – Angelina Dong, Finn Davis, Hannah Davis, Sophie Davis, Kylie Hill, Lydia Jordan, Reese Colley, Stella Stewart,  Stella Weigel

Ensemble – Addie Davis, Audrey Miller, Brooke Fligel, Caroline Malone, Chadie Farr, Janset Aksoy, Madyson Peterson, Mamie Nicholson

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Dick Whittington and His Amazing Cat Callback List

Callback list for “Dick Whittington and His Amazing Cat”
Callbacks  are Thursday, August 13 from 4:00-7:00
at the Jan Dempsey Art Center
WOW!!! What a talented group of kids we had the privilege of seeing the past two days! Here is the callback list. Please look carefully for your name, and to see what time you need to be there.  You only need to be there for your scheduled time. Please make sure that you arrive a few minutes early so that you are waiting and ready to go into the Performance Room when it is your turn to be there.
"Callbacks" are a chance for us to get a second look at you. We will be watching to see how well you can: speak loudly and clearly, follow directions, be able to focus for long periods of time, be creative with your voice, facial expressions and movements, and make bold character choices. We will not be able to cast everyone that have been invited to the callbacks. We know that it takes a lot of courage to EVEN  try to be in a play. If you are not cast, please don’t get discouraged. PLEASE find ways to continue with theater. AACT is offering theater classes this term, so everyone can have an opportunity to have a theater experience.
If you have any questions PLEASE CALL me at 334-332-6834. I am having some problems with my internet this week, and may not get your email.

Blake Gavin Baker
Tupper Colley
Finn Davis
Hannah Davis
Sophie Davis
Angelina Xu Dons
Andrew Fligel
Annie Garnett
Kylie Grace Hill
Angel Johnson
Kirkley Muncie
John Stuart Nicholson
Jude Nicholson
Stella Stewart
Stella Weigel
Janset Askoy
Addie Davis
Chadie Farr
Brooke Fligel
Sarah Ashley Forthofer
Ella Forster
Hannah Herring
Audrey Miller
Mamie Nicholson
Brianna Faith Prickett
Adelaide Sawyer
Eden Smith

Abby Bowling
Sophia DiJulio
Reese Colley
Rhema Creel
Anita Duncan
Lydia Jordan
Caroline Malone
Emma Myers
Berkley Peacock
Madyson Peterson
Emily Ratliff
Josie Roland 

Daniel Czerkawski
Nathan Evans
Matthew Pattowski
Ellis Royal
Jackson Wells
Jackson Williams
Brodie Winegarden