Saturday, August 31, 2013

“A Successor to the Throne”
Cast List

Deshi – Deano  Martichuski
Emperor – Ellis Royal
Chiang Yung – Caleb Daniels
Huang Li – Cooper Prater
Guard 1 - Jackson Wells
Guard 2  - Daniel Jinright
Patrol Unit and Ensemble – Clari Gregson, Lucy Hudson,
Berkley Peacock, Addie Davis, Anita Duncan, Lena Tran
Camberlain – Preston Poyner
Wang Liu  - Hallie Stewart
Ting-Zee – Rhema Creel
Qui Fung –Caroline Malone
Cho Yang- Ella Kate Smith
Min Lo-An – Elleson Shurtz
Mei  Li – Alexia Van Slyke
To Yo-La- Claire Simpson
Lu-An – Gracie Davis
Madame Wong – Sadie Lynne Sawyer
Ensemble – Mothers –Sydney Smith, Ashlyn Weaver, Gigi Casadaban,
                      Children –Sofia Pugh, Mamie Nicholson, Charlotte Thomas,
                    Hannah Davis, Sophie Davis, Reese Colley, Lydia Jordan
Dancers –
(Dance Captain/Assistant) Jessica Connelly, Vera Smith T, Brooke Fligel,
Ansleigh Webber, Kenya Bryant, Kate Senn

The dancers and ensemble cast play a HUGE role in this show. They will all choose names and create their character. The ensemble will all have ad-lib lines that they will come up with. In this show I will need strong actors singers and dancers to be in ensemble.  In other words, the ensemble and dancer roles are very important, so if that is where you are cast, please don’t be disappointed!!!!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Call Back List for “A Successor to the Throne”
A note to the parents and children,
Thank you all so much for auditioning for “A Successor to the Throne”! I know it is a long and nerve wracking process. I am so proud of everyone who tried out! I was impressed with how talented everyone is.  Creating the call back list is so very difficult. Please know, I have lost sleep, and shed tears, knowing how disappointed some children will be this afternoon. There were 68 kids who tried out for 30 spots. I was truly so proud of every child who had the courage, and desire to try. If you didn’t make “call backs” please don’t be discouraged. Keep trying hard things,  keep singing, dancing, using your incredible imaginations!
I am doing the call backs a little differently than I had announced in emails I sent out, so please pay close attention! I would like the kids to come back in groups for 30 minutes at a time…

Jessica Connelly
Brooke Fligel
Vera Smith T
Kate Senn
Savannah Britt
Berkley Peacock
Karoline Wiley
Hannah Herring
Addison Dembowski

Sophie Davis
Hannah Davis
Addie Davis
Abby Davis
Lydia Jordan
Sofia Pugh
Gabriela Pugh
Charlotte Thomas
Hagood Hamrick
Lena Tran

Bailey Glaze
Cooper Prater
Lucy Hudson
Ellis Royal
Preston Poyner
Jackson Wells
Caleb Daniels
Daniel Jinright
Hallie Stewart
Sloane Cherry
Stella Stewart

Gigi Casadaban
Sydney Smith
Ella Kate Smith
Ansleigh Webber
Gracie Davis
Claire Simpson
Kenya Bryant
Elleson Schurtz
Ashlyn Weaver
Sadie Lynn Sawyer
Adeline Sawyer
Alexia Van Slyke

6:00- 6:30
Rhema Creel
Mamie Nicholson
Reese Colley
Anita Duncan
Clari Gregson
Lyra Farrar
Mollie Gregson
Liseth Vera
Caroline Malone