Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cast List for “101 Dalmatians Jr.”
Thank you all so much for your hard work!!! If you did not make the cast list, please don’t be discouraged. Please keep trying!
First Rehearsal: This is different from what is in the brochure!
  Whole Cast: Wednesday, September 12th 4:00-6:00,    Parent Meeting 5:30-6-00
Please  RSVP let us know that you will be there at
Include in your email if your children have any food restrictions.
The Characters are listed in Alphabetical order
Anita – Jessie Connelly
Boxer Dogs –Hannah Herring, Margaret Aldridge
Canine Narrators – Berkley Peacock, Addison Meeks, Clair Simpson, Rachel Nawrocki
Chihuahuas – Sadie Lynn Sawyer, Mamie Nicholson
Cruella De Vil – Addison Peacock
Dogcatcher– Asher Hallmark
Dot  - Reese Colley
Horace – Walker Shumock-Bailey
Jasper – Ellis Royal
Lucky –Hallie Stewart
Nanny –Bailey Gosser
Patch – Alice Maple
Penny – Lucy Hudson
Pepper – Anita Duncan
Perdita – Ashlyn Weaver
Pongo – Stewart Brown
Poodles – Gracie Davis, Addison Dembowski
Roger –Dirk Perkins
Scotties – Clari Gregson
Stolen Puppies – Hannah Davis, Hagood Hamrook, Lydia Maple
Spot –Sophia Pugh

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