Saturday, August 23, 2014

Cast List For "Never Cry Wolf"

For all of you that auditioned, I am so proud of your courage and enthusiasm! If you did not make this cast, please stay involved with theater, and keep auditioning!!! No actor gets cast in everything they audition for. The ACT I and ACT II classes will resume in January, that is a great way to hone your skills and boost your confidence.

FIRST REHEARSAL: Monday, August 25th 4:00-6:00
 This is a mandatory full cast rehearsal with a PARENT MEETING from 5:15-6:00
It is very important that I know you saw this list. Please email Melanie Brown at

Aesop/Altair – Cooper Prater

Calliope –Sadie Lynne Sawyer
Clio –Margaret Aldridge
Polly – Lucy Hudson
Cori – Savannah Kempfer
School Children/Sheep
Yanni/Wolf – Jackson Wells
Hector – Rhema Creel
Gregory – Addie Davis
Alexi –Anita Duncan
Gina – Hannah Davis
Linus – Stella Stewart
Daphne – Caroline Malone
Sophia – Lydia Jordan
Lydia – Macie Hawkins
Nicia - Gabriela Pugh
 Xylia - Sophie Davis
 Kyinthia -Stella Weigel
Abraxux (Father) – Ellis Royal
Aspasia (Mother) – Payton Searcy
Alec  – Deano Martichuski
Arianna - Ella Kate Smith
Alyssa –Reese Colley
Athena – Audrey Miller
Agnes – Hagood Hamrick
Andrew – Abby Davis
Politicians/Military Boys
Xanthos  - Abby Bowling
Julius – Nathan Evans
Kratos/Captain – Asher Hallmark
Otis  - Hallie Stewart
Orion – Matthew Patkowski
Pellas – Sofia Pugh
Karl – Mamie Nicholson
Village Women/Ensemble
Galatia (old woman) – Clari Gregson
Claudia – Brynne McCormick
Hypatia – Brooke Fligel
Drucilla - Caroline Cannon
Leticia – Berkley Peacock
Sybil – Claire Simpson
Iris – Janet Asksoy
Ophelia –Adelaide Sawyer

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