Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Callback list

Please comment on this blog or email me at to let me know you have seen this. If I don't hear from you I will call you in the late morning.

At Callbacks please be patient as we need to get through a lot of people in a relatively short amount of time. I am looking for hard workers as much as I am looking for good actors. Once again, if you didn't make callbacks it doesn't necessarily mean you didn't make the show. Please check back to this website on Friday @ 5pm. If you do make the show you need to be able to attend our first read through on Saturday from 3-5pm at the auburn public library.

Group 1: Young Kangaroo-- this group only needs to be there from 4:00-4:15(if you can be there earlier, please do:)

Cecilia Smidt
Rachel Brown
Emily McCormack
Addison Peacock
Maggie Hardin
Tatum Cannon
Chelsea Stroud
Hadyn Pignato
Jessica Connelly
Ashleigh Oliver
Townsend Kaak
Rachel Sharma

Group 2: 4-6:30 We may be able to send people home earlier than this, but you need to plan on being there the whole time.

Kati Judd
Catherine Patton
Maddie Ault
Marleigh Jones
Avery Jones
Alex Plowman
Indy Rhodes
Codi Martin
Katy Fisher
Savannah Rondquist
Heather Connelly
Sadie Zabawa
Michael Sanders
Elizabeth Bradsher
Walker Shumock-Bailey
Alex Horn
Maria Brown
Kaitlyn Connelly
Xan Strickland
Lydia Gudauskas
Jacob Zabawa
Liam Farmer-Alroth
Hope Tedescucci
Madison Jennings
Ian Downes
Dalton Williams
Dillon Williams
Dahlia Chaudhury
Brittany Price


  1. 1st to comment! sorry couldn't resist.

  2. Yay! See everyone tomorrow...Williams :)

  3. great, Walker will be there.

  4. Jacob and I will be there! And I'll tell Michael Sanders too.

  5. Brittany will be there, we will let Madison Jennings know as well.