Saturday, January 9, 2016

Thank you to all of you who auditioned! There are many exceptionally talented actors that did not get cast for this show. Please know that you are wonderful and talented. When casting a show the director chooses the actors that best fit the role within the artistic vision that they have for the show. Even the most accomplished actors do not get cast in every show that they audition for. Please know how much we admire you all and truly care about you all!!! PLEASE  keep pursuing your acting passion, just because you didn't get in this show, does NOT mean that you'll never be in one! Josh Hutcherson tried out for The Amazing Spiderman and didn't get in, but he's famous for something even cooler, The Hunger Games! 
Important reminder. The first rehearsal is  THIS Monday the 11th from 4:00-6:00. There is also a mandatory parent meeting that day at 5:15.

Cast List For Peter Pan

Peter Pan - Nicholas DiJulio
Wendy - Kitty Key
Michael - Walker Kemp
John - Lindsay Evermon
Storyteller - Grace Lanier
Mr. Darling - Matthew Johnson
Mrs. Darling - Camryn Chapman
Liza - Carson Barnes
Tiger Lily - Abbie Starr


Aubry Capps
McLain Watson
Carson Barnes


Margaret Aldridge
Emily Taber

Lost Boys:

Gabrielle Shields
Ellis Royal
Olivia Willbanks
Mari Miles Dempsey
Emily Raewyn Ratliff
Sadie Lynne Sawyer

Hook - Caleb Jefferson
Smee - Bailey Gosser


Evers Capps
Anna Lynn Starr
Jessica Connelly
Lora Dunn
Evelyn Farmer - Alroth
Rachel Loewenstein
Keara Harris
Rachel Brown
Alexia Van Slyke
Evan Rogers

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